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Wooster Personal Injury LawyerBeing injured in a car accident can leave a person with medical debt, lost wages from time off work, vehicle damage, and other financial losses. Typically, the at-fault driver’s insurer is responsible for covering at least some of these costs. Unfortunately, recovering financial compensation after a crash is often a stressful, complicated process. Countless factors can influence the case, and insurance companies are often uncooperative. If you or a loved one were hurt in a car crash in Medina, Ohio, consider the following options for pursuing financial compensation.  

Pursuing a Settlement with the Insurance Company

Covering accident-related costs is the primary purpose for which auto insurance companies exist. However, getting the compensation you deserve from the insurance company can be complicated by questions regarding liability, damages, and other issues. A personal injury lawyer can help you gather evidence such as traffic camera footage and witness statements and use this evidence to support your claim. Your lawyer can also handle settlement negotiations with the insurance company for you so that you can focus on recovering from your injuries.

Seeking Compensation Through Your Own Insurance Company

Car insurance is required in Ohio. Unfortunately, some people choose to drive without insurance or without enough insurance to cover accident-related costs. If you were struck by a driver who is uninsured or underinsured or you were the victim of a hit-and-run, you may still be able to get compensation. Your best option may be to file a claim with your own insurance company through your uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.


Wayne County Personal Injury AttorneyMany people keep dogs as pets and treat them as members of their families. However, dogs do not always behave as expected, and even if an animal had always acted in a friendly manner, it may bite or attack someone. Dog bites can inflict multiple types of serious injuries, including severe cuts and bruises, broken bones, and puncture wounds that damage muscles, tendons, ligaments, or internal organs. In some cases, dog bites can result in permanent scars, and a victim may also experience emotional trauma that affects their ongoing well-being. 

Dog bite victims can sometimes be placed in a difficult position, especially if they are attacked by a dog that is owned by a friend or family member. When an attack occurs in a public place, at someone else’s home, or when a dog is in the care of someone other than the animal’s owner, victims may be unsure about their options. By understanding how the personal injury laws in Ohio address dog bites, victims can make sure they take the right steps to receive compensation for their injuries and damages.

Liability for Dog Bite Injuries in Ohio

“Strict liability” applies to dog bite injuries in Ohio. This means that when a dog bites or attacks someone, the victim may seek compensation for the injuries and property damage they have suffered, and liability will not be affected by whether a dog had previously bitten someone or exhibited aggressive tendencies. 


medina car accident lawyerGetting into a car crash can turn your life upside down. Car accident victims are often left with painful injuries that prevent them from working and fulfilling other duties. They may also be left with significant medical bills, vehicle repair or replacement costs, and other expenses. If you or a loved one were hurt in an accident, you may want to consider filing a personal injury claim. A personal injury claim may allow you to recover monetary damages for the financial losses and non-economic harm you suffered because of the accident.  

Do I Have a Valid Claim?

 All personal injury claims involve the following elements:

  • Duty – the other party owed you a “duty of care.” Ohio drivers are required to drive with a reasonable degree of caution and attention.


Medina County personal injury attorney car accident

The holiday season is usually a period when families get together, and people often enjoy some much-needed time off of work as they celebrate traditions and prepare for the year to come. Nothing can destroy the holiday spirit like a serious injury, but unfortunately, the risks of being involved in a car accident may be higher during this time due to increased rates of drunk driving.

Alcohol consumption often increases during the month of December as people get together for holiday parties, and this leads more people to drink and drive. Across the United States, more than 300 people are killed in drunk driving crashes each year in the period between Christmas and New Year’s Day. This trend also affects people in Ohio, where approximately 1,000 drunk-driving-related accidents occur every year in December. 


Brunswick personal injury attorney truck accident

Being stuck driving next to a large, commercial truck is often inevitable when you are navigating Ohio highways. These massive vehicles’ integral role in shipping and distributing goods can make it feel as if they own the roads. This can be intimidating as a passenger vehicle driver -- not only can you not see around the truck, but you may see the large vehicles drifting between lanes from time to time, placing the other drivers and passengers at risk of an accident. 

One common accident that involves commercial truckers is known as a rollover accident. If you have ever seen a truck flipped over on the side of the highway, you have witnessed the aftermath of these catastrophic events. Rollover accidents are especially dangerous because the commercial truck can hit a number of other cars in the process. In some instances, these trucks can roll in the middle of the highway, hitting other vehicles and blocking the roadway, while in other cases, the trucks may roll off the side of the highway. Any drivers and passengers who get injured in truck accidents can file a personal injury claim to receive compensation for their injuries. Depending on the cause of the accident, one or more parties may be held liable for your injuries.

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