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The legal system in the United States is complex, and those who are dealing with legal issues may struggle to understand their rights, the procedures that must be followed, and the steps they should take to achieve a positive outcome. That is why it is essential to work with a skilled attorney who can provide you with guidance while representing your interests. At The Law Offices of Andrew M. Parker, LLC, we take a unique approach to the practice of law. We will not just tell you what you want to hear, but we will inform you of what you need to know, setting realistic expectations and ensuring that you understand your options.

Whether you need to resolve a family law issue involving divorce or child custody, create an estate plan, defend against criminal charges, file a personal injury claim, or pursue or defend against a civil lawsuit, we can provide you with the legal help you need. We will be there by your side throughout every step of the legal process. Contact our office at 330-725-4114. We do offer free consultations in most cases.

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When ending a marriage, there are a wide variety of legal issues that spouses must settle before they can move on to the next stage of their lives. We will work with you to address matters such as the division of property and the need for spousal support (alimony), as well as matters related to children, including making decisions about the allocation of parental rights and responsibilities, determining parenting time/visitation schedules, and calculating child support payments.

With a skilled legal advocate on your side, you can have the confidence that your parental rights and financial interests will be protected during your divorce. If necessary, we can also assist with post-divorce issues, such as modifications to your divorce decree to address parental relocation or enforcement of your divorce order.



There are multiple situations in which parents, children, or other family members must resolve legal issues in family court. In these cases, a family law attorney can offer invaluable help, working to reach a positive outcome that protects parents' and children's rights while maintaining important family relationships. In addition to divorce, our attorneys assist with paternity cases, working to establish a legal relationship between a father and child, which will affect issues such as child custody and child support.

We also assist in creating prenuptial agreements, which can be used to provide spouses with protections before getting married. These agreements can address issues such as property division or spousal support in the case of divorce, helping spouses avoid conflict and uncertainty if their marriage ever comes to an end.



No matter your age, health, or financial status, it is important to make plans for how matters should be handled after you die. A comprehensive estate plan will allow you to pass on your property to your heirs while ensuring that your last wishes are carried out correctly. A will allows you to name beneficiaries for your assets and address issues such as guardianship of your minor children. A trust allows you to protect your assets and distribute them to your heirs before or after your death. Power of attorney lets you name a person who can make decisions for you if you become incapacitated. We can help you create the estate planning documents you need, and we also assist with matters involving guardianship and probate litigation.


Anyone facing criminal charges has the right to be represented by an attorney. Our skilled lawyers will work to protect your rights throughout the legal process, helping you understand your options for defense and working to reach a positive outcome to your case. Whether you have been arrested for drunk driving, offenses related to drug possession, distribution, or manufacturing, or any other misdemeanor or felony charges, we can negotiate with prosecutors, provide representation in court, and help you minimize the consequences to your life. We also represent offenders under the age of 18 who are being charged in the juvenile justice system or adult court, and we assist those who have paid their debt to society with the sealing of criminal records.


Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is an offense that is prosecuted seriously in Ohio. A conviction for operating a vehicle under the influence (OVI) can result in jail time, large fines, and probation, even for a first-time offense. Multiple or felony convictions will result in even more serious consequences, and an arrest will typically result in the suspension of your driver's license, even if you are not convicted. Our criminal law attorneys can provide the defense you need when you are facing OVI charges, including determining whether a traffic stop or arrest was made illegally or a breath or blood test was administered incorrectly. We will work to help you avoid the worst consequences and get back on the road as soon as possible.



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